The Golden Age

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography and Creative Directing by Irena Khovanets. Model is Volodymyr Skrypnyk. Make up by Irina Smirnova. Hair by Anastasia Chornogorets.

The photographer says about her story:

“The Golden Age” includes three different eras – the Renaissance, the 20’s and the present. What do we have in common with these eras: luxury, uninhibited, a little madness and loneliness?

I tell short stories of conflict between man and fashion, a conflict between nature and people, architecture and man. I was born in  Ukraine, but live in Poland, Wroclaw. My acquaintance with photography began as a teenager when I would buy old magazines at flea markets, cut them out and create collages. At the time, I didn’t have a camera and collages were the only way to communicate with the viewers, to tell them stories with the help of someone’s already forgotten photos. At 28 I was able to have my first camera and that is when I finally felt real creative freedom; in my hands was the ability to capture the world with one frame, not thousands of clippings.

Photography and Creative Directing by Irena Khovanets / Instagram:
Model is Volodymyr Skrypnyk / Instagram: @volodymyrskrypnyk
at Embassy Models Agency @embassymodels
Make up by Irina Smirnova / Instagram: @irina_smirnova88
Hair by Anastasia Chornogorets / Instagram: @nasti_cho

Brands are: Blouse – Patrycja Segedyn, cardigan – vintage, black blouse – Malene Birger, dressing gown – Lindex