The last days

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Giandomenico Veneziani. The model is Manuel Bellorti. Styling and copywriting by Claudia Carulli. Makeup by Irene Carulli. “Social morality is the imprisonment that traps and suffocates free souls. They are not welcomed by the community, but locked in cages whose bars are not made of iron and bolts, but their structure is made up of conjectures, prejudices and impositions.

Around the cages the man with a free soul only hears heartbreaking screams and suffering and his only goal is to find a ruse to escape, looking for an escape route to continue living.

Days, months and years pass and we continue to remain closed in the darkness, but we feel that the world outside the cold bars continues to move and change its appearance. Thinking about your past life is useless, going back is useless, it is only useful to look forward and desire a new life that awaits free souls. With creativity you shape keys to open the lock of the cage that imprisons and suffocates, but at the same time you realize that escaping is risky, but it is the only way you have to live, therefore the only thing you can do is to accept the risk, open the lock and regain the much-loved freedom.”

The project is inspired by the life of Giacomo Casanova, who lived in Venice in the eighteenth century. We all know the story of the Casanovas and his seductive ability is now legend, but this is not what we want to bring out from this photographic story.

The theme of the project focuses on a specific episode in his life: his stay in the Piombi prison of the Doge’s Palace, emphasizing his famous attempts to escape from what was the most important maximum security structure for the time.

The illustrated story takes inspiration from the book written by Casanova himself, entitled “Story of My Escape from Lead”.

His last days before his escape, full of desperation, after various attempts, all of which failed, and with the looming burden of his probable death sentence, are a sort of metaphor for those who, even today, feel in some way trapped in a life that doesn’t belong to him.
The moment of his escape towards freedom represents a warning for all those who intend to take control of their lives, fighting prejudices, facing them and “seducing” them as if it were an attractive and desired noblewoman, using precisely the same bewitching art that only Casanova, with his charm and confidence, he knew how to do it.

Creative director, Photographer, Production and Retouch: Giandomenico Veneziani/ / Instagram: @jeanven.official
Co-Creative direction / Styling and Copywriting: Claudia Carulli / Instagram: @clo_caru
Model: Manuel Bellorti / Instagram: @manuelbellorti_
Agency: M.O.M. Agency / Instagram: @m.o.m_agency
Make up: Irene Carulli / Instagram: @irene.carulli


AparatosHandmade – white shirt
Levi’s – black trousers
Sebago – black shoes