(THE PINKY RING - Invigorate a neultral colour palette with a rosey flush of blush.) JAY wears shirt by Paige trousers by Soulland sweatshirt by Norse Projects boots by Palladium TOMAS wears jacket by RM Williams hat by Kangol trousers by Malan Breton tee by Farah shoes by Dr. Martens AARON wears shirt by LXI trousers by Steve Jin shoes by GHBass NELSON wears suit set by Barak tee by Les Basics trainers by Converse hat by No More Heroes

THE NEW MIX! Photography by Cy Karrat

A KALTBLUT exclusive menswear editorial. Photography by Cy Karrat. Styling by Becky Seager. Hair and Makeup by Famida Pathan. Production by George Bunker. All Models signed with EVV Models.

Ready , set ,go….. All the previously established menswear categories have fallen. It’s all about THE NEW MIX where labels, designers, and sports affiliates converge. Proposed brand values are questioned by an indiscriminate jumbling.  The distinctions marking separate style tribes are from a bygone era. The joyous inclusive attitude of sportswear has shoved aside the pretention of preppy pastels. So join the global track-suited team and DEFY EXPECTATION

(White Heat – Lighten up and retire the cliche black wayfayers. Serving major doses of summertime trash-lux glamour, these specs are perfect for iconolastic influencers everywhere.)
AARON wears poloneck by Les Basics
paisley tee by Soviet
sunglasses by Katherine Hamnett Archive
(WOWSER TROUSERS – Skip the skinnies and make some shapes.
Evalate the mundane into the marvellous with a silhoutte defining trouser.)
TOMAS wears hoodie by Christopher Shannon
jeans by Alex Mullins
polo shirt by Sergio Taccini
trainers by Asics
JAY wears tee by Luke
jacket by Alpha Industries
trousers by Emily Clarke
trainers by Vision Street Wear
(STAY WARM, KEEPING COOL – Keep layered zip-ups and light coloredpuffas at the ready. Slip on over a tee and DONE! Instant cozy times. Perfect for airplane naps and chilly summertime nights.)
JAY wears jacket by PE Nation
tracksuit set by Sergio Tacchini
hat by Umbro
boots by Good News
TOMAS wears puffa by 99 North
tee by Hamlet Archive
tracksuit trouser by Adidas Archive
trainers by Nike
(GOTH BE GONE – Mix shades of neural blues, greys, and whites to liven up a wardrobe gone too basic, too black, too standard.)
AARON wears tee by Gosha Rubchinsky
top by Christopher Raeburn
shorts and hat by Liam Hodges
leggings, stylists own
TOMAS wears track top by Wood Wood
zip-up top by Gola
trousers by Joohye Park
trainers by Converse
JAY wears jacket and jeans by Christopher Shannon
polo by Luke
boots by Good News
(SPEEDY STRIPING – Double servings of stripes exude an easy zippy dynasism impossible to resist.)
TOMAS wears jacket by Emily Clarke
trousers by YMC
boots by Timberland
tee by Luke
AARON wears tracksuit top by Sergio Tacchini
trousers by Scotch & Soda
trainers by Converse
(EXAGGERATE REALITY – Blow things out of proportion with the supersized and elongated. Wear an entire print outfit. Gesticulate wildly and be tastefully outrageous.)
AARON wears coat by Emily Clarke
top by No More Heroes
trousers by Wood Wood
trainers by Novesta
JEAN-MICHAEL wears jacket and trousers by Burberry Archive @ No More Heroes
gilet by Chevignon
boots by Timberland
(BREAK OUT OF THE BOMBER jacket – Personalize the varsity jacket….even invent your own teams/schools. Reconsider the track jacket. Insist on you.)
FREDRIK wears jacket by Gant
sweatshirt by Ellesse
trousers by Scotch & Soda
trainers by Converse
SYLWESTER wears tracksuit top by Sergio Tacchini Archive
shirt by Wesc,
jeans by Wood Wood
trainers by Asics
(ONLY HAPPY WHEN IT RAINS – Ditch the drab and overturn the expected with a raincoat loaded with character…..and were you really expecting it to be sunny anyway?)
SYLWESTER wears coat by Christopher Raeburn
gilet and trousers by 99 North
tee by Peter Jensen Archive
boots by Good News
TOMAS wears coat by Barak
kagoule by Nanamica
trousers by No More Heroes
boots by Timberland
hat by Umbro


Photography by Cy Karrat / www.cykarrat.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/cykarrat

Styling by Becky Seager / Instagram: www.instagram.com/beckyseager

Hair and Makeup by Famida Pathan / www.famidapathan.com / Instagram:  www.instagram.com/famidamua

Production by George Bunker / www.beau-homme.com / Instagram: www.instagram.com/beau_homme

All Models signed with EVV Models / www.evvmodels.co.uk / Instagram: www.instagram.com/evvmodels

Models are Aaron www.instagram.com/upsetamine / Tomas Gajdos www.instagram.com/tomasgajdos3 / Jay-Lawrence Woodley www.instagram.com/jaylwooderz / Sylwester Poszytek www.instagram.com/sylwester_poszytek / Fredrik Sunde www.instagram.com/fredriksunde / Jean-Mikhael www.instagram.com/thejeanmikhael