The Other Side of Me

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Created and written by Serge Fils-Aimé. Models are Brandon Foster, Gordo, Jalen, Dylan Ali Doechii, Ritta Kelly, Dalia Drake and Serge Fils-Aimé.

Inclusivity and comfort for all.

When you google search phrases relating to the fashion style’s of this shoots concept, for example, “leather fetish fashion shoot” all you see are white models. The same goes for the porn industry as well.

My focus is to express that Black model, period, are capable, able, and are just as sexy to model in this fashion aside from white people––in ways where we are in control of our sexuality and likeness; not fetishized for fantasy.

So, I want to open it up to all genders/orientations, if that’s the case. To make the concept whole, I’ve cast gay/straight men and women, and trans women.

“Orgy… but make it fashion,” if you will.

Audience: our peers of this generation.

Message to convey: Learning to be open-minded & less judgmental. ‘We are who we are’ and should be comfortable within each others space no matter the gender/orientation––while also conveying the message within the concept; this shoot can be seen both ways.

Project Inspo:

This shoot all began when my Uncle Ray [Raymond Lahens] gave me his vintage Honda race pants from the ’90s in early May. I knew I wanted to shoot in them and go about it in a professional way.

I spoke to some friends on how I can style/accessorize the outfit, collected opinions, bought items, and boom—my outfit was complete. I planned to shoot it Terry Richardson style; plain white wall, a bar stool maybe, and shoot in my house.

It felt mediocre to me as time went on though. I’m super big on patience as well so I wasn’t in a rush to execute a shoot if I was only 50% (if that) comfortable with it. Come June, I met and modelled for Sequine, a stylist, and we built a friendship.

Asking him for his insight, specifically saying, “looking at my outfit, how do you envision me shooting in it?” His answer then planted the seed in my brain that later birthed the concept that we have here today.

Dominance—Black dominance.

Designers Featured:
Creepy Yeha Bond, Hardware David Menkes, Fatale Maison Soft Skin, Latex Affect Metals Kyle, Freeze, Leak Your Sextape Insatiable Lust Dolls Kill, H.O.S. Leather, Saint at Large

Creative Director is Serge Fils-Aimé / / @serge.fils
Photography by Celestia / / @hellocelestia
Lighting Assistant is Steve Warren / @_stevewarren
Makeup by Felicia Joseph / @feesparkles

Movement Directors:
Sicard Whalen / @shookerd
Dalia Drake / @daliadrake

Styling by:
Sequine Lee / @sequine
Henry Li / @highenry

Assistant Stylists:
Justus Steele / @justusteele
Isiah Ahmad / @isiah.ahmad

Serge Fils-Aimé / @serge.fils
Brandon Foster / @thebrandonfoster
Gordo / @gordeauxx
Jalen / @jalen.xx
Dylan Ali / @dylanali_
Doechii / @iamdoechii
Ritta Kelly / @rittakelly
Dalia Drake / @daliadrake