The sense of Kyiv mentality

A KALTBLUT exclusive. “My name is Anna van der Velde I am a young (fashion)film director and videographer from Amsterdam. One month ago I visited Kyiv to create some fashion films. During the trip I made a short video series in collaboration with two young, independent designers from Kyiv and photographer Anton Orehov. With the shoot I hope to capture a sense of Kyiv mentality. The video series balances between industrialism and naturalism, something that I find very interesting about Ukraine. Contradiction is a word that in my opinion could describe the vibe of this city. Handmade crochet designs placed in a natural surrounding with a flash of brutalism. Back in Amsterdam, I teamed up with Dj/producer Max Abysmal to elevate the videos into Kyiv atmosphere.”

Director/D.P.: Anna van der Velde @anna.vanderv
Sound designer & Music producer: Max Abysmal @max_abysmal @abysmalaudio
Model: Laure Dirven @laurecroft_
– Via
Photography by Anton Orehov @oorehov

Designers: Liza Xorosho @liza.xorosho
Yaroslava Savvina @ya_savvina