the “THEROS” project

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Dimitris Gelbouras. The model is Filippos Vogdanis. Make-up by Lilly Dick. Fashion Artist is Melissanthi Spei.

“In the “THEROS” project (/tʰé.ros/ → /ˈθe.ros/ θέρος < ancient greek < = hot, warm, summer), I try to discuss or challenge current gender classification and question the way people see culture gender frameworks and beauty today. THEROS is a concept that brings together gender fluidity and Greek mythology vibes. The traditional bells hanging from this couture costume by Melissanthi Spei bring forward the Greek countryside tradition that comes to dialogue with fashion and fluid gestures.

For me, it’s not only about capturing a face or a landscape, but also about telling a story of what I see through my lens and passing the emotions to the viewer. Each viewer perceives different emotions. Trying to speak about different aesthetics and different points of view for each one of us, I call my work “forbidden”, as irony on what is acceptable in photography or arts today, and what is not.

Having studied Visual Communications and Design in the UK I am working as an art director building graphics and concepts for the design field. Though I keep following my passion for photography which started at an early age, around 5 or 6 when I started experimenting with what was about to become my focus – capturing people and places and creating around them.”

Photographer: Dimitris Gelbouras
Fashion Artist: Melissanthi Spei
Model: Filippos Vogdanis
Make-up: Lilly Dick
Concept: Filippos Vogdanis & Dimitris Gelbouras