The Threat Is Real 

A KALTBLUT exclusive introducing designer Saule Gradeckaite. Photography by Fredi Mecaj. The models are Max Martin and Kalaivanan Rasalingam. Print Textiles by Anna Tartsini. Make-up by Dongha Him. Hair by Ruby Cocker.

About the designer:

Anchored by a deep-seated interest in technical construction, GRADUS by Saule Gradeckaite toes the line between conceptually driven notions of design and technically elaborate ideas of garment construction. Saule’s constructions are underlined by her background in Visual Academic Arts, and the designs lean on her knowledge of academic sculpture, drawing and painting to inform her current work, successfully rendering complex social notions for boundary-pushing individuals.

About collection:

A Menswear Collection ‘The Threat Is Real’ by brand ‘Gradus’ for S/S 2023 reflects on the emerging 80’s heavy music scene with out-takes of rock’n’roll’ and glam rock references. The collection focuses on the challenging years in subcultural and musical history through exploration of the ‘evil’ image to the public at that time. Not to mention the labelling ‘Parental Advisory / Explicit Content’ invention for such bands as Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith or Guns’ n ’Roses. With this in mind, the editorial for the collection tries to satirically reflect on the created image of heavy music as a ‘real threat’ to the general public.

Brand Collection & Creative Direction: Saule Gradeckaite / Instagram: @g_____gradus______s
Print Textiles & Assistance: Anna Tartsini / Instagram: @annatartsinisart
Photography & Retouch: Fredi Mecaj / Instagram: @iamfredi
Models: New Faces at @fortemodelmgmt /
Max Martin / Instagram: @maxmartin17
and Kalaivanan Rasalingam / Instagram: @kalai_r_
Make-up: Dongha Him / Instagram: @dhk_makeup
Hair: Ruby Cocker / Instagram: