The way you are

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Carina Bilz (Cat van Susan). Models are Nils Hermann and Sebastian Petras. Make up by Giorgia Favaretto. Brands used are Perlensau, Kiss The Future, Nemanja Pantelić, Reza Nadimi, Studio183 Berlin.

“My name is Carina Bilz – an artist name Cat van Susan and I grew up in a rural area. I have been living in Berlin for five years and dedicate myself to photography.

My goal as a photographer is to break down stigmata and prejudices. To show things in that society, which are taboo or for some incomprehensible. It doesn‘t matter whether it‘s about fashion, mental illness, or sociocritical issues. For me, there is a need for more understanding in society regarding those subjects.

With my project „the way you are“ I would like to show, that gender doesn’t matter concerning the choice of clothes or accessories. Additionally, I intend to redefine masculinity by choosing outfits which are considered typically feminine by society. People who are seen as male are often considered non-masculine when wearing skirts, accessories or makeup. But why shouldn‘t they be allowed to wear a dress or a skirt? Why shouldn‘t allow to wear make-up? Why shouldn‘t allow to wear high heels? What difference does it make?

In every human being, there is also a female, male or even non-binary part! These parts are just lived out differently and even suppressed by some. Humanity needs to stop categorizing people based on their looks or the way they dress! Please dare to be who you are, to live as you need and want to.”

Photography by Carina Bilz (Cat van Susan) / Instagram: @cat_van_susan
Model is Nils Hermann / Instagram: @orcusoath
and Sebastian Petras / Instagram: @_sebastian_stone_
Make up by Giorgia Favaretto / Instagram: @hereticraft

Instagram name of each brand: @perlensau @kiss.the.future @np_by_nemanja_pantelic @rezanadimi @studio183_berlin