This is me, that’s my way by 
Anna Kuapel

Photographer Anna Kuapel made this photoshoot to show her love for the LGBTQA* community and deep respect for people, who dare to accept and develop their own peculiarities, which sometimes may not fit into the standards of society. “The pictures in this series are quite different, maybe, at first glimpse, they do not even go together just like a necklace of various beads, however, I believe an attentive viewer would find the string to attach these beads.”

Photography and art direction by Anna Kuapel / Instagram: @kuapel

Models are Artur Safin and Igor Bakulin / Instagram: @houseofartur and @biven_bakuloom
Make up by Asel Charipova / Instagram: @cherrypop27

Hairstyle by Masha Maslyankevich / Instagram: @maslyankevich

Style by Margo Khudyakova / Instagram: @margo_khudyakova


Brands are Zara and Reserved