Tony Vacca and his snakes

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Photography by Eddie Blagbrough. Model is Antonio (Tony) Vacca. “I’m Eddie and I’m a photographer based in London. I shoot mostly portraits and menswear fashion. During the lockdown, there was no way of shooting any fashion as the PR offices were closed. If I wanted to shoot then I would’ve had to come up with a different way of shooting. As soon as we were allowed to visit someone else outside I decided to do a socially distanced shoot with Tony Vacca with only his snakes. Tony is a chef and has been furloughed while restaurants remain closed. He models part-time and he also trains in martial arts, which is how he achieved his physique. His wife is a performer and together they own 8 snakes, which are used in the performances. Together with his snakes, I wanted to showcase Tony and his amazing tattoos outdoors in nature!”

Photography by Eddie Blagbrough / / Instagram: @eddieblagbrough
Model is Antonio (Tony) Vacca / Instagram: @antovacca