Top 5 Videos Of The Week

This week for our top 5 video picks we’ve selected some truly original, artistic, and just plain weird graphics and visuals for you to enjoy. From the Pussykrew collective’s latest 3-D glitchy masterpiece, to Lone’s poignant and real cinematic short, let KALTBLUT’s favourites of the week captivate and mesmerise you this Sunday evening.

Moderat – Running

Household name Moderat (Modeselektor and Apparat) have only gone and dropped an epic new video, directed by Jakob Grunert, for their latest single release ‘Running’, on Friday. The second single from their latest album III, this release includes an exclusive B-Side” 90% Wasser” and masterful remixes of the track by Shed and Kink. Evolving into a multimedia digital project, the video reflects the paradox of the collective feeling of dancing with others, with the more isolated journey to the ultimate emotional euphoric moment. A joyful nod to the liberating freedom of house and electronic music, this is one to watch and dance along to again and again.


Pussykrew/Cadenza – No Drama

Artists Pussykrew, otherwise known as the interdisciplinary duo Tikul and mi$ gogo, have become sought after for their twisted and visually stunning graphics, which have the power to transform any song or artist into something entirely unexpected. We spent the week marvelling at their latest video for Cadenza’s ‘No Drama (ft. Avelino and Assassin)’, which drops you into another dimension, a dark urban landscape of broken screens, liquid dysphoria, and 3D fantasy shuffle, where fierce, digital dancers morph and distort before your eyes – incredible.


Adiam – Dead Girl Walking

Another one that caught our eye this week was the gorgeous, cinematic new video for singer Adiam’s single ‘Dead Girl Walking’, taken from her upcoming debut LP Black Wedding, which will be released on August 26th on Vertigo. As we follow the artist through the city, the distinctive production and emotional pull of the song provides a haunting background to a warm, sun drenched – yet poignantly solo and retrospective journey.


Lone – Backtail Was Heavy

Another minimalist, provocative video capturing one person’s experience, Lone’s new visual short for his latest offering, Backtail Was Heavy, is a perfect ode to his classic, drum and bass sound. Director Hugo Jenkins takes the song in the direction of vintage 90s subculture, with images and characters that will strike a chord with anyone familiar with the roots of Lone’s music. With a dreamy, unsettling vibe throughout, this piece of filmmaking illuminates the nuances of the song’s nod to British rave culture.

@ Lone

Nite Jewel – Kiss The Screen

A wonderfully imaginative creation for Nite Jewels’ latest track ‘Kiss The Screen’, Delaney Bishop has directed the singer in a video that dances the line between reality and fantasy. Drawing us into a lovelorn mind, the images conjured up blend the everyday with the unusual and unexplored, just as her music does, with it’s modern twist on 80s synth and hypnotising vocals. Not to mention the contemporary, performance art-style dance routine that takes place in an empty supermarket – definitely worth a watch.