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Total Slag: Tyreece! The next Destroyer

An interview and editorial from our new digital issue! Wish granted. KALTBLUT chats to the delicious bundle of energy, joy, charisma, uniqueness, nerve and tal-unt that is Tyreece Nye. A certified lewk kween, a TikTok trendsation, an all-around magnetic gender non-conforming human being, a POC, a dancer and sex worker and now, the triumphant WINNER of one of the most talked-about queer reality TV shows in herstory aka Slag Wars. I’m talking Slag royalty as the Next Cock Destroyer and the heir to Cock Destroyer dynasty. Gentlefolk, start your engines, and may the best Slag… win. Disclaimer, no slags were harmed in the making of this interview.

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OMG. You’re a winner baby. How did being on the show expand what you know about yourself and your queer identity?
The show taught me that queer identity is special. How you choose to identify has 0% to do with anyone else but 100% to do with you. We don’t have to explain ourselves and make people understand who we are. We are not the status quo. Queer identity is unique. And rightly so.

Has Slag Wars changed how you see yourself?
Slag Wars hasn’t actually altered me as a person. Being on the show itself hasn’t altered me really, but knowing the outreach of people from my GNCPOC community who listened to my story and identified with me gave me an extra drive to be 110% myself. That added notion of people looking up to me and becoming inspired by me by the way I dress or how I present myself on social media brings a deeper meaning to ‘I’m just Tyreece’.

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How do you think your style has evolved since being on the show?
My style has become instantly outrageous. And I say that with the most amount of love I have for myself, which is a lot. My taste level has definitely received an upgrade in an elevated/ expensive perspective expressing the message and stamp of queerness that truly represents my personality. I honestly have two moods. I either have bundles of pink tulle garments and dresses with trains giving pink princess realness, or I have my punk buckled up pleather outfits which are much more suited to nightlife. I’m basically Hannah Montana.

How did you create your online persona?
It was only about a year ago I started really delving into my online identity. I basically had to start from scratch because last year my account was permanently deactivated so I had to make a new one. I promised myself that I would not post anything that didn’t promote who I truly am. We often hear people say “you don’t need to make being gay your whole world‘’ or you aren’t extra like most gays’’
etc. and that really stuck with me. So I decided I was going to make being gay my whole existence. It is who I am and what makes me happy, being my gay/queer/ non-binary bad self. It is my suit of armor.

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If I’m going to look this good, I expect there to be an audience.

Read the full interview with Tyreece in our new issue:

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Earrings – Thomas Sabo Choker – HOMO London Dress – Misty Couture

An interview and editorial from our new digital issue!