Track Premiere: David Blank – ‘I AM HERE’

BANGERZ ALERT! “I am Here” is the new single of David Blank’s new solo project curated by the independent music label FLUIDOSTUDIO, a track telling his thoughts about himself and the world around, thoughts that were only shyly expressed in his first single “Standing in Line”, more vivid and urgent in “Foreplay”, and now finally screamed loudly, “with pride I can scream I am here”.

Like the two first singles, “I am Here” is rooted in David’s personal story too, a story where the music
immediately takes on an intimate, nearly spiritual, meaning. Already at the age of 5, David gets in touch with the music world, introduced by his father, a Nigerian preacher, into the church’s chorus, the Cherubim and Seraphim (Love Divine). The music then becomes ritual and sharing, but also a new expressive language for David to explore his own soul within the surrounding reality.

If “Standing in Line” is the exhortation to face our own deepest fears and insecurities, and “Foreplay” the first emancipation action from our self-judgments and those of the others, blocking us from being our true self, “I am Here” is the affirmation of a rediscovered love for who we truly are, without any fear of showing it to the whole world. It’s the celebration of the music as lifeline, and a passion so ardent that it definitively tears down all the chains preventing us from listening to our own spirit.

“I want it all, done chasing dreams, now dreams chase me”, it’s the consecration of David Blank’s evolution as artist, a long and challenging journey, where the music shows the direction to follow when it seems to be lost, the point to look at when David seems to forget who he is. In “I am Here”, the music becomes for David an identity so deep that cannot be held back any longer, that must be sung out loudly until it goes beyond the individual dimension itself, thus turning into a true empowering chorus for anyone who hears it.

David’s artistic and personal growth stands out from each single line of “I am Here”, just as from the intense pop sounds, which carry on the genre experimentation at the core of Blank’s new music project. The song’s spirit, bright and determined, perfectly merges with David’s songwriting style, which his soul and intimate voice manages to convey an intense personal story through, once again.

Photography by @aytekinyalcin

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