Track Premiere: nenci – ‘Underneath The Moon’

Queer Vietnamese-American singer-songwriter nenci premiere’s her soulful R&B jam ‘Underneath The Moon’. Described by the Oakland-based artist as “the ideation of queer romance”, the complex single projects the love surrounding nenci’s interest, Lydia. “Sonically, this is a celebration of the fluster of emotions both internal and external during this experience we often feel when meeting a potential love,” she continues. ‘Underneath The Moon’ and the next single are said to offer a more optimistic, hopeful seduction through the beauty of the imagination when in pursuit of romance. They are a step towards positive and hopeful romance that is a break away from nenci’s past releases of mental health and loneliness.

nenci’s music dives into the genres of electronic alternative R&B where she draws inspiration from the 80’s & 90’s R&B/soul she grew up on. Her artistry comes with the need for genuineness and mutual trust in working with other creatives. She collaborates very intentionally with certain people based on her introversion and mental health. With this, her work ethic towards finding her voice could only be achieved with the people closest to her and her community, based on the pillars of diversity, generosity, and a true relatable connection.

Cultivating a long-standing relationship within her music has become her main goal to feel not only safe but to grow creatively alongside others. As a result, she works on production with her partner Leviathe, visual identity with her twin Sal, shows with local underground bay area community groups like Smartbomb, and independent record label Text Me Records. In 2019, she released an EP that focuses on how she struggles with her mental health challenges and trauma. Once she learned how to coexist with them, it pushed her to explore, transform, and evolve outside of what she was comfortable with and resulted in a new more optimistic signature sound. 

Stream/download ‘Under The Moon’ here:

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11 January 2021: Underneath The Moon (single)
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29 January 2021: Underneath The Moon (remix by Komak)
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March 2021: Lydia Remix and Underneath The Moon Music video

Photos by Sal Tran