Track Premiere: No/Me – Different 

Introducing Los Angles-based songwriter and artist No/Me and her new tack: Different! “I wrote “Different” when I was too anxious to speak my mind. I had recently re-entered the dating scene and started developing feelings for someone new. In an attempt to protect me from potential pain, I did everything possible to sabotage the relationship. The first half poured out of me during a freestyle when my friend and producer, Sebastian Furrer, hit the record button in a late-night writing session.”

You keep calling me “baby”
Honey, you don’t see my crazy
I don’t think we’re seeing the same thing
Get closer to me and you’re saying
“Baby get closer come over just lend me a shoulder
I wanna see the real you
But when I light the shadow my psychos in shine mode And you’re like oh shit do I wannnnnt you?” Well

“It’s funny because in the first verse and pre-chorus, I listed all of the reasons why I thought this person shouldn’t date me, but the second verse shares a completely different perspective. By that point, I had successfully pushed him away and wanted to offer an explanation for my avoidant behaviour.

In the end, the relationship didn’t work out but I got my new favourite song out of it, which I now replay every time I need a reminder to speak my mind.”