Track Premiere: Roz Yuen – ‘Three Stops’

Preparing for the release of a live AV experience for her new album Awakening, Australian vocalist, songwriter and music producer Roz Yuen premieres the single ‘Three Stops’. On the single Roz explains “I felt anxious as I rode the train three stops away from where I worked at the beginning of the pandemic. I felt uneasy and acutely aware of rising anti-Asian sentiment. I wanted to relate my experiences and relate those feelings in my track ‘Three Stops'”. To accompany the album, Yuen created an interactive online audiovisual experience accessible via a desktop web browser featuring her song ‘Three Stops’. According to Yuen, “The pandemic has restricted our ability to come together in a physical space. This was my way of designing and re-imagining a digital space where listeners can still feel immersed and connect with my music in a meaningful and exploratory way.” Watch Awakening on Roz Yuen’s website, June 11th 2021 (0:00 CEST/UTC+2).

To pull her vision together for the audiovisual project, Yuen collaborated with Turkish Berlin-based artists, Başak ünal (Visual Designer) and Ali Somay (Creative Technologist). Of the collaboration, Yuen remarks “… it was a real intermingling of different technology, culture, artistic disciplines, creative approaches and imagination. Başak used machine learning or AI to generate some stunning video content for the project. Ali took a lead in creating the environment for it to exist. I delved into spatial audio by creating a binaural mix of Three Stops for an immersive feel.”

The binaural version will be offered as a bonus track for fans to download exclusively via her Bandcamp.

Roz Yuen is an Australian vocalist, songwriter and music producer known for her intimate, introspective and powerful style. Yuen’s Downtempo Avant-pop is laden with her ethereal vocals, honest lyrics, lush textures and intricate beats. In 2018, Yuen moved to Berlin to enhance her skills in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Yuen has performed internationally and her music has featured on several Australian television programs. Following her passion for interdisciplinary arts and technology, Yuen will release a new album and audiovisual experience, Awakening, in June 2021. Authentic self-expression, emotional resonance and connection are at the heart of all her work.

Photo by Gabriel Strobel