A KALTBLUT exclusive. The duo Siermond & Fols is formed by Nicholas Fols and Pasquale Autorino Siermond, two young photographers mostly appreciated for set photography ranging from fashion to fine art. In TRAMOUR they shared their aesthetics with the vision and poetry of the art director and stylist Sara Schiavo. She has created a story inspired by characters from a bygone era who are the protagonists of an old love movie. Models are Daniele D’Ortenzi signed at Zoe Factory and Roberta Dalloway.

Je monte dans le tram Je la vois, elle est très belle Elle me regarde Accompagne moi dans mon voyage Je serai à toi pour toujour La nôtre est juste une chanson d’amour

Photography by Siermond & Fols / Instagram: @siermond & @nicholas.fols
Style by Sara Schiavo / Instagram: @saraschiavo
Video Direction by Fabio Grimaldi / Instagram: @vi.dru
Models are: Daniele D’Ortenzi signed at Zoe Factory / Instagram: @danieledortenzi @zoefactory
Makeup by Beatrice Contino / / Instagram: @beatricecontinomakeupartist
Hair by Luigi Gentile / Instagram: @luigi_gentile_real
Styling assistant are: Alessandra Filieri / Instagram: @alessandrafilieri and Daria Comedini / Instagram: @white_daria_____
Special thanks to Emanuela Berlin / Instagram: @emanuela_mangu


Special thanks to the vintage boutique Coup de théâtre, the vintage shop Pifebo and the eyewear store Mondello 1962