Press Play: Trophie – ‘ALONE’ ft Iceboy Violet

Experimental electronic and art pop machinist, Trophie, shares her brand new single ‘ALONE’ ft Manchester-based rapper and artist Iceboy Violet. The track is accompanied by the official video and out now on all streaming platforms.

‘ALONE’ is the first 2023 release from Australian-based, Yorkshire-raised genre-bending vocalist, producer and songwriter Trophie who released her debut EP ‘Dark City’ to critical acclaim in 2022. Melding ethereal and dark-wave inspired vocals with forward thinking industrial production, ‘ALONE’ explores themes of loss and isolation. Trophie confronts her internal battle with grief and unresolved emotions of anger and pain to fuel her inner-strength and resilience. Featuring on the track is Manchester based rapper and artist, Iceboy Violet who utilises their verse to express the inner-strength that was required to overcome challenges and feelings of self-defeat. Together Trophie and Iceboy form a formidable force of raw emoftion and visceral energy.

I wrote this track after losing someone very close to me. The track is about feeling too scared to open up again after the pain and trauma death brings. Everything from the production to the melodies to the lyrics just came to me for this track, I finished it very quickly and knew I wanted Iceboy to feature because of their raw and visceral lyrics and delivery. Iceboy killed it as I knew they would and their performance perfectly feeds into the beat, something I played on when editing their vocals almost making them part of the percussive landscape in sections.

– Trophie

With support for debut EP ‘Dark City’ spanning the alternative music press – including Dazed, PAPER, Enfnts Terrible, Wonderland, Notion, Dummy, Purple Sneakers and Sniffers – the alt-pop electronic multihyphenate has been working relentlessly, channeling all of her creative energy into curating her own form of art. Hailing from the UK but settling in Sydney, Australia, the songwriter and producer sits singular amongst the crowd and always surprises with her unique and refreshing approach. Dazed describes her so perfectly with the line: “Her classical training is reflected in her unconventional progressions and melodies, as well as in her skill as a composer to understand the makings of an earworm.” Trophie is doing it her own way: as a strong minded individual, she refuses to conform to the social norm and often veers away from what the mainstream requires, but in return is building a serious reputation as an industry trailblazer, pushing boundaries and breaking down barriers all along the way.

Video credits
Directed and produced by Emily Hagan @emilyjadehagan 
Styled by Oliver Keogh @oliver.kgh 
MUA Hannah Shaikh @hannnah.shaikhup

ALONE’ song credits
Produced by Trophie  @trophie_official
Written by Trophie 
Performed by Trophie 
Featuring Iceboy Violet @iceboy_violet 
Mixed and Mastered by DJ Shepard @dj_ghepard

‘ALONE’ is out now: