TTSWTRS Unveils the Enigmatic “Black Series” – A Sultry Summer Revolution

Fashion lovers, prepare to be enchanted. TTSWTRS, the avant-garde brand celebrated for its “second skin” apparel, is poised to revolutionize your summer wardrobe with the audacious “Black Series.” This new line marries sizzling allure with everyday functionality, promising to catapult your essentials to unprecedented heights of style and sophistication.

In keeping with its tradition of turning clothing into high art, TTSWTRS’ “Black Series” transcends ordinary summer wear. Artfully crafted from sumptuous, soft-touch fabrics, each piece ensures unrivalled comfort and adaptive versatility. Whether you’re transitioning from a high-energy workout to an elegant night out, jet-setting across continents, or mastering the boardroom, these garments infuse your look with effortless, expressive flair.

Anna Osmekhina, the visionary designer and founder of TTSWTRS, encapsulates the essence of this collection: “We know how to make clothing look sexy, and we wanted to craft the perfect sexy essentials that are versatile enough to be worn anywhere – from the gym to the plane, from a stroll to the office.”

The “Black Series” is not merely a colour choice—it’s a powerful statement. TTSWTRS harnesses the dramatic intensity of black to celebrate the human form, creating pieces that radiate confidence, individuality, and unassailable style.

Highlighting this apropos collection are stunning new designs: the Bodysuit in Black ($180) and the Sleeveless Bodysuit in Black ($160). For the active trendsetter, the sporty Top in Black ($120) pairs seamlessly with either the Leggings in Black ($165) or the Cycling Shorts in Black ($150).

Mark your calendars: TTSWTRS’ “Black Series” is available on the brand’s website starting June 14, 2024.


TTSWTRS (‘tattoo sweaters’), founded in 2013 by former costume designer and stylist Anna Osmekhina in Kyiv, is a Ukrainian fashion brand that seamlessly blends apparel with art. Initially conceived as a collaborative art project, it has since ascended to international acclaim. TTSWTRS’ creations draw inspiration from the provocative allure of tattoo culture, fashioning garments that are transformative works of art. By merging the optical illusion of tattoos with clothing, TTSWTRS challenges conventional fashion boundaries, creating a seamless symbiosis of fabric and skin.

The brand’s meteoric rise began with a debut collection that instantly became a bestseller at the legendary concept store Colette. TTSWTRS’ innovative designs have been embraced by style icons such as Nicki Minaj, Tina Kunakey, Grimes, Winnie Harlow, Kourtney Kardashian, Kristen Mcmenamy, Tommy Cash, Roisin Murphy, and Sita Abellan. Available in 12 stores spanning 11 countries, including the USA, France, and Ukraine, TTSWTRS continues to enchant fashion lovers worldwide.

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