Tyler James by Daniel Jaems for D.HEDRAL

Model and actor Tyler James lensed by Daniel Jaems for D.HEDRAL! American born Tyler James is currently living in Los Angeles carving his career to becoming a professional actor. Tyler is not your everyday ‘wannabe’ attracted by the bright lights and parties the city has to offer! With a finely honed moral compass and spiritual connection to mother earth, Tyler is more likely to be found exploring nature on the outskirts of the city than rubbing shoulders with Hollywood’s a-listers. He works this into his busy schedule that includes castings, a full-time job, and perfecting his admirable physique in the gym. Tyler’s good looks, charm, humour, and beliefs have seen him gain a loyal following on social media, which he uses to try and inspire others to be the best they can be. Read an interview with the sexy hunk: HERE

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