UGG A/W21 “FEEL ____” starring Susanne Bartsch + Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Southern California-based global lifestyle brand UGG® has always been an emotional brand because of how it makes you feel. Legendary impresario, artist, activist, and fashion muse Susanne Bartsch stars in the next chapter of FEEL ____, an ongoing series featuring icons, leaders of culture and champions of change who tell inspiring stories about their lives, their work and what fuels their creativity.

Captured by Los Angeles-based photographer Neil Favila and directed by Kauai Moliterno and Michael Barth in Bartsch’s own New York City apartment, which exists within the walls of the historic Hotel Chelsea, the fashion muse can be seen striking signature poses atop her dining room table, chatting with a friend over the phone on her balcony, fabulously donning haute couture and lounging on her rare and exotic furniture all the while wearing iconic UGG® styles. “You know, not everyone has to be an artist, but everything is an art,” said Bartsch during the shoot while applying makeup in her glass shard-encrusted bathroom.

Susanne Bartsch is New York City’s patron saint of transformation and inclusion. The parties she’s thrown for three decades have provided a venue for countless creative souls and “creatures” to express themselves, come together, and forget the humdrum of the everyday. In 1989, devastated by the many friends she lost to AIDS, Susanne created ‘The Love Ball’—an event that rallied the fashion community to raise awareness and funds for those affected by AIDS and hands-on organizations. To this day, she continues to throw extravagant events and happenings in New York and special events around the globe.

Also starring in the brand’s campaign is social justice champion and the NBA’s all-time leading scorer Kareem Abdul- Jabbar. Like Bartsch, Abdul-Jabbar’s steadfast involvement in activism for underrepresented communities in earlier times showcases how both icons have continuously and boldly used their voices and platforms for good.

Bartsch wears the Classic Mini boot and Coquette slipper, while Abdul-Jabbar is seen in the Neumel chukka and Tasman slipper. The brand’s newest campaign features both stars in timeless heritage styles; personifying the feeling and emotional connection only UGG® can offer.

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