A KALTBLUT exclusive. Creative direction and styling by Henrique Alves and Carla Pietra. Photography by Danilo Monteiro. Make-by Mari Danielsky. Models are Igor Ribeiro, Gregory Malaquias, Luiza Souza, Jutyara Mendes da Rosa and Juliana Tavares.

Identities take the form of narratives, aspects of everyday life, promote a fluidity inherent in the concept.

We are a pair of stylists and fashion producers who believe that diversity and unexpected things are what make an attractive and current fashion editorial. We study fashion, trends research and consumer behavior in Brazil, which greatly influences our style and look on clothes.”

“Our works always mix pieces of different styles in unusual combinations. Our country is giant and within it there are thousands of possible styles to use! For us the mix of all these elements and cultures is what makes our style so current. ”

“The editorial UN_DEFINED001 was designed from a very intense look at postmodernity and its characteristics. The fluidity of ideas in contemporary times turns us into avatars that redefine each day and the clothes are the armor we use to inflict urban life.”

Creative direction and styling by Henrique Alves / @moihenri and Carla Pietra / @carlapi.etra
Photography by Danilo Monteiro / @danmonteiroph
Make-by Mari Danielsky / @maridski
Production Assistance by Rayssa Centenaro / @rayssacentenaro and Luisa Lobato / @luisalobato
Models are Igor Ribeiro / @iggribeiro, Gregory Malaquias/ @gaygory , Luiza Souza / @luizassouza, Jutyara Mendes da Rosa/ @jutymr , and Juliana Tavares / @juli_t99

Brands are Garimpário brechó online / @garimpario and Liverpool / @useliverpool