untitlab Autumn/Winter 2021

The core of the brand’s philosophy is freedom and liberation, taking a totally non-gendered approach to design and offering all styles across a full size range. The removal of boundaries, in terms of self-expression and between individuals and divisiveness is central to the untitlab philosophy.

www.instagram.com/untitlab // untitlab.com

untitlab is already established within their domestic Chinese market working with over 30 of the country’s leading retailers and with their signature styles frequently reporting as best in category performers within these stores. For AW21 they introduce the new Bio Canvas Trainer and Reel Canvas Derbies combining specialist coatings with linen fabric allowing their surface textures to age and evolve organically over time. Ethically and sustainably minded, they introduce vegan Ultrasuede Bio Slip-Ons designed for daily comfort.

The AW21 collection was supported by a campaign told through the visual language of anime commenting on mankind’s obsession with the self and individual desires offering introspection and love as salvation, told through the visual language of anime. Since its debut in 2019 the founders of untitlab have utilised their campaigns to manifest a vision of a world which is tolerant, liberal and free, this season lending from the medium of anime in order to capture a representation of this narrative free from the constraints of linear time and physical space.

Told from the perspective of anthropocentrism, or humankind seeing themselves as the central and most important element of existence as opposed to god, nature or animals. Through this lens, the urban environment becomes dominant as nature is marginalised and exoticized. As science, technology and production increase, so too do the barriers between humans and their environment, between humans and other humans, and between the individual and the self. Against a backdrop of excessive desire and projections of the self, a return to introspection, compassion and love offer salvation from the new normal of destruction and recurring negative patterns.

In the spirit world, confronted with the abyss of human desire, unconsciousness and superficial judgement, a transformation of psyche awakens experiences and memories breathing new life into the space of romance between each to another, and from us all to the world around us. In this movement, we can make eternity in the here and now.

www.instagram.com/untitlab // untitlab.com