Urban Outfitters x Temporary Collective Limited Capsule

Conceptual anonymisation for creative freedom – Urban Outfitters and Temporary Collective celebrate the idea of community with their joint unisex collection. The London brand Temporary Collective 2018 became famous with screen-printed T-shirts. Together with Urban Outfitters, the eight-person collective presents its first unisex collection. Inspired by the Far Eastern culture, the curated collaboration of Urban Outfitters and Temporary Collective combines oversized cuts with striking fonts and unique prints.

The limited collection thrives on organic, recycled and sustainably produced fabrics. Adaptions of Far Eastern are taken up by the T-shirts with photo prints from Osaka and hoodies with fictitious weather graphics from Seoul. Temporary Collectiv’s signature stands for the union of young creatives and the idea of a community that sees itself as a reactionary counter-movement to today’s culture.