Utopian Paradise, a new collection by Afrika Project

Utopian Paradise is a reflection of the intervention of the man in the landscape, taking the life and work of the Lanzarote-born artist César Manrique (1919-1992) as a creative starting point. Afrika Project narrates, through its hand-woven pieces, the changes occurring in the landscape of Lanzarote, and offers an invitation to reflect on the tourism industry and its dramatic environmental impact.

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César Manrique is Lanzarote and Lanzarote is César Manrique. The colours in this collection refer to the artist’s work, the patterns are inspired by the island’s rural architecture and the materials, like silk, are inspired by the persistent insular winds. This collection revisits César Manrique’s reflection on a “Utopian Paradise” and gives a view of the way it has evolved until today.

The brand relies on qualitative materials: mohair from sustainable farms aiming to protect animals’ welfare (El Robledal de la Santa) and torsion-free merino wool produced in Spain. Every piece is hand-woven through the use of ancestral techniques that have been passed from generation to generation.

Crochet lingerie has a central role in our collection: trikinis in fluorescent green or alpaca slips aim to reinvent the use of fabrics. They push the limits of these textiles and play with their versatility in order to give them new functionalities.

“It’s about facing the future while creating an alternative lifestyle that’s clean, sustainable and intelligent. We mustn’t give up, we must march forth, stay alert and maintain a critical conscience, for the future is not guaranteed, we must build it from the present…”