VARON – La Familia

The Mexico City-based jewelry brand Varon unveiled the campaign for its new collection “La Familia“, captured by the lens of Pol Agusti.

Varon wishes to return the purpose of body adornment to its traditional meaning — where once again an object’s very proximity makes us live the moments that are meant to be relived.

Photographer: Pol Agusti @polagusti
Hair: Charlie Le Mindu @charlielemindu
Production and Casting: Aaron Changpo @aaronchangpo
Stylist: Chino Castilla @chino.castilla
Makeup: Adrian Gonzalez @adrianglez
Creative Direction: Aaron Changpo, Charlie Le Mindu & Pol Agusti.
Models: Omer Sela @omersela, Thania Millan @arieshandmodel, Mole @molepapi, Paulino Arca @el_parnita_roma