VIBE SWITCH – Escape boredom by WEEKDAY

Weekday ventures beyond imagination and reality with the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. His Spring/Summer 2023 campaign penetrates every day of the present, ranging from mundane tasks to playful, surreal scenes that defy even the laws of nature.

It’s like waiting for the elevator that never seems to arrive, but when it does, the vibe changes and the world turns upside down.

This season is all about the sport of transportation, using fashion as a vehicle to push the boundaries of everyday fashion, says Anna Norling, chief designer at Weekday.

Working with the creative duo, CGI artist Maximiliane Galgenmaier and director and photographer Kitty Schumacher, Weekday creates a disruption in space and time, twisting reality in a world created by fantasy. Weekday also collaborated with cinematographer Pontus Norberg, motion director Freddy Houndekindo and music producer Farrél Boussir on the collection’s visual execution.