Video Premiere: BLYNE – Genuine Love

Artist & producer duo BLYNE return this September with some of their most daring and unique work to date in the form of their new single ‘Genuine Love’, an analogue synth-layered composition with stunning counter-melodies draped over an organic percussion line. The first track from their brand new EP, it’s a track that layers elements of abstract electronica and classic pop songwriting. 

The duo cite a genuine love for artists such as Aphex Twin, as well as the classic pop stylings of The Beatles as their inspiration for this release. It’s a track that evokes a satisfying sense of weirdness, birthed in the creative hub of Berlin.

After collaborating with a number of artists and writing for a variety of singers – the duo decided to reduce their setup to a laptop, some synths and Jan’s breathy vocals. Their unique take on electronic music has led to support from the likes of Majestic Casual, Mixmag, Complex and Magnetic Mag. Their new single shows the leftfield, underground electronica they create with a core of pop songwriting. Speaking on the inspiration behind their new single, the duo state:

“Our vision for Genuine Love was to reflect on the eternal topics of love, spirituality and their meaning in the context of a digitalized world and the prospect of artificial intelligence“