Video Premiere: creatrx – ‘Sunday’

Disruptive multidisciplinary artist creatx is back with an official clip for the compelling, off-kilter ‘Sunday’. The track, which was produced by teddy NBD and EZRA OST, begins with playful sing-song vocal lines over wavy, oscillating synth drones. The song’s opening line – “So full of myself that my cup runneth over” – is a characteristically uncompromising affirmation of creatrx’s celebration of queer black creativity and confidence. 

Speaking on the track’s positive, inclusive message, creatrx shares: “We sex positive, baby! Honouring all choices; celibacy or promiscuity or sex work is liberatory for the chooser. I was born on a Sunday, which many religions regard as a holy day. I wanted to play with the idea of what’s holy. I view sexuality and sex as holy, a place for the divine to shine through. Across the globe, patriarchy deems women who are comfortable with their sexuality as ‘wicked’ or ‘impure’. Regardless if women even have sex, if they have ‘impure’ thoughts or ‘tempt’ men just by existing, are referred to as hoes. So, instead of it being weaponized against me, I claim it. I know that honouring all choices women and femmes make; celibacy or polyamory or sex work, etc., is putting the HO in HOly. I’m here for that.”

I am obsessed with fantasy, sci-fi and magic realism of all kinds. These genres help me to imagine what other possibilities for the world we live in. This video is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, but with black women and gender expansive folks, who we know have our own magic. It’s representing the two worlds I navigate, the outside world that teaches us shame about who we are and my world, which is clearly more fun where sex and sexuality is celebrated.

creatrx is a non-binary artist hailing originally from Atlanta and works across music, dance and performance art. They are a member of the band Gang Box and are also currently working on the WAVMAKERS podcast, an archive, toolkit and community resource that highlights Black, Latinx, queer and trans underground artists. The information shared on the podcast is designed to help other black and brown women and queer artists as they navigate their art, careers, and life.

‘Sunday’ is taken from the EP dirt. honey. glitter. water which is out now:

Feature photo by Chester Toye