Video Premiere: Loud Forest – ‘Level Ground’

Los Angeles based band Loud Forest present beautifully disorienting visuals for their latest single ‘Level Ground’. Directed by filmmaker Ric Serena the clip “embodies the idea of the song, the push and the pull between two people, ultimately seeing things through their eyes, in their shoes, (or in this case in their face or head),” explain the duo,” It reminds me a little bit of some of Marina Abromavich’s performance pieces like Breathing In/Breathing Out or Point of Contact. There is a projection of one person, it represents their point of view, and the other person is wearing it, or acting as a screen for that image, representing it, receiving it. it’s very empathetic. It also looks a little creepy.” ‘Level Ground’ is taken from the second full-length studio album ‘Please Don’t Disappear’, out now via AntiFragile Music.

Loud Forest is fronted by married couple Bernard and Rachel Chadwick. Equally matched as singers and performers, they craft an eclectic mix of songs that can both swirl and drive, loud minimal rock drums and ruckus melodic singing is supported by electric guitars, textures and noises that create a sonic landscape while infusing classic folk and gospel elements. Songs on the latest album range from moody shoe-gaze to grass-roots communal rock n’ roll. All the while giving a nod to personal influences such as Spoon, The Pixies, Arcade Fire and Sonic Youth.