Video Premiere: MadAlba – ‘Gonna do with you’

Button’s & Homopatik resident, MadAlba collaborates with INCORP founder Kira Lillie and multidisciplinary artist Pasquale Ascione to connect us across oceans and experience, making way for an expanded form of cooperation. Displaying today’s TikTok dance culture of the Caymanian island girls, singing and dancing provides a pathway for the powerful force within the universe of these young women colliding with global techno feminism movements, illustrated by MadAlba’s ‘Gonna do with you’. Within this virtual space we begin to carve alternative ways of relating and sharing as we intersect generations, cultures and rhythms.


MadAlba on the single: “When I was asked to participate in the REIF project by inviting me to experiment, the track was born, in a very natural way, the result of instinct and research. The queer touch is given not only by the natural, spontaneous and respectful approach to the project, essential presuppositions in my opinion of this culture, but also by the choice of the voice sample taken from the movie “Gia” by Michael Cristofer which tells the story of Gia Carangi, lesbian model who lived between the 70s and 80s, a fascinating character and a very powerful woman from a communicative point of view, also considered the first documented case of HIV in a female.”

MadAlba’s ‘Gonna do with you’ was composed and will be released on the debut compilation of the multifaceted Berlin collective REIF.

REIF is a cultural movement that actualizes through party’s, music releases and community activations, bringing together different collaborators willing to convene in social responsiveness and in the light of desired futures. Other artists joining the compilation together with Wolfgang Tillmans are; Richard Kennedy, rRoxymore, Jeff Mills, Asmara, Karl Holmqvist & more. Coinciding with the VA is their ongoing art residency Sonic Catharsis – sound as a political manner with ‘CAC The 5th floor’; the digital platform of the Centre of Contemporary Art in Geneva during which artists showcase audiovisual projects, reflecting the result of their collaborative process.

REIF01 — VA will be released December 10th, 2021:


In the occasion of Isabel Lewis and Dirk Bell’s INTIM/E
REIF presents: 01 listening session with

ULR (live)
Richard Kennedy (live reading)
Cali Rose
DJ Saliva

01 – Tabloid Press, Wolfgang Tillmans / FRAGILE, Sene, Jeff Mills, Cali Rose, Karl Holmqvist, Asmara, fabaitos, Franziska Lantz, BOTO, Wild Daughter,Richard Kennedy, Juan Ramos, rRoxymore, MadAlba

10/12/2021 6-10PM
@ Gallerie Wedding Müllerstraße 146/147, 13353 Berlin, Germany

2G+ Event

Ferature photo by Discordant (Ema)