Video Premiere: Ran Nir – Obsession

Fresh sound for you! We are happy to introduce you to Ran Nir and his new single Obsession. Ran Nir is mostly known as a founding member of Israeli band Asaf Avidan & The Mojos and as the songwriter and frontman of LFNT. After a successful career with those bands and a relocation to Berlin five years ago, he established his own music company I Am You Music Groupand is now releasing his first album as a solo artist: Obsession. Do not miss Ran Nir live in Berlin 26.07.2019 – Bar Bobu! 

This video is the collaboration of Ran Nir with the incredibly talanted animator Yonatan Ber.
The video depicts the life of a mime in the big city trying to get by. In a fast-track-moving-world it is hard to get noticed, but somehow, someone, is always there looking out for you. The video was made with many hours of animation work. Animation & Story by Yonatan Ber! Enjoy!

Obsessed by the never-ending noise of thoughts in his head and the pursuit of the unobtainable and most likely nonexistent concept of absolute truth, Ran attempts to find a meaning and a cure for life with his music, all the while remaining optimistic about what life has to offer and how we all can make it better for us and for everyone else. 

Obsession is the title track and first single of the album. Ran says:
“The song reflects cynically and almost comically about the human need to find something to fill the endless void within us: drugs, medication, fashion or music – anything that would make us feel more alive moving from one obsession to the next – “I need to find a new obsession.”” 

The song was recorded in Ran’s home studio in Berlin with co-producer Erez Frank and features a mix of ambient, sound-scape electric guitars, folky acoustic guitar and deep almost speech-like vocals, lead by a capturing bassline and a steady beat.  He is performing live with a group of amazing musicians who have also been playing with great artists including Totemo, Noga Erez, Dan Billu and Max Prosa amongst others.

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