Video Premiere: Rebebe – ‘What Are You Into’

Copenhagen artist Rebebe drops a video showcasing songs from her debut EP What Are You Into. The release follows her previous singles ‘DVDs’ and ‘Prozac’ that has drawn attention from both the Danish and international scene and confirms this artist has the lyrics and voice to become the next thing happening out of Scandinavia. 

The challenge we set up for ourselves was to capture the atmosphere of Rebebe’s entire EP in the video. In Rebebe’s lyrical universe we were especially intrigued by her descriptions of complex relationship dynamics – loving but also dysfunctional, passionate, but restless – and that things are not always how they seem from the outside. We created a scene, a single composition, that throughout the video is slowly being revealed and as the song changes so does the viewer’s perception of the situation. It was quite an ambitious project for a debut artist, but we really felt like Rebebe’s EP is so special that it calls for something quite different and artistic, somewhere between the realistic and the absurd. It was possible because a lot of people put a lot of energy into making it all come together, so we are super grateful for everyone who was a part of the production.

– Directors Coco Ardal & Mads Salbæk

From the moment you look at the cover of the EP it is clear that this artist demands your attention. A simple drawing of a self-gratifying character with a soft yellow background – drawn by Rebebe herself.

Rebebe by Polina Jurankova

And if not the cover will demand your attention – then her voice will. A voice so full of presence and unexpected intonations, constantly shifting between powerful confidence and frantic vibrato. Rebebe is without a doubt an artist with a multifaceted mind. Through her raw and poetic lyrics, Rebebe tells us stories of her lived experiences, and what she sees, feels and observes on her debut EP.

It’s music without filter, censorship or other algorithm-friendly limitations because ‘What Are You Into’ is about immediate feelings. Feelings, weighed down by sorrows on the one hand and criticism of our vain nature on the other – and feelings that deserve to be sung exactly as they are written.

Describing her captivating end-track, ‘Want Out’ she says: “The song is partially about being disgusted with your body and the disgust of your own thoughts about your sexuality and fertility”.

What Are You Into is written by Rebebe and is produced by Villads Øster, from the highly acknowledged indie-pop band Liss and was released on the 28th of October via Stellar Records.

Feature photo by @poliynka

What Are You Into is out now: