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Video Premiere: Red Belmont – Going Down/Swimming Deep

Red Belmont are a trio from Santiago, Chile. Brothers Felipe Caceres (guitar and vocals) and Leonardo Caceres (bass) are joined by Joaquin Margulis (drums), who all piece together their own avenues of visual and sound design to give listeners a multisensory experience. “Going Down/Swimming Deep” is their latest video and third single from the debut LP Into My Own (released October 2017), and the perfect example of this.

All photos: Alfredo Pemjean

The trio came about through a series of significant events: A trip to Uruguay led to realizations of deeper connection through playing music together a year later. These sessions motivated the band to dedicate one week of isolation between nature and in a house off the slope of the ‘Villarrica Volcano’ in the south of Chile to write their first full length album. As of this week, Red Belmont became a new addition to the Burger records family, and is one of the first bands signed to their Latin American chapter. Things are moving steady.

“Going Down/Swimming Deep” slowly builds through trailing, yet adventurous guitar lines, distant vocals, and sustains the proper amount of haze to keep things mysterious. KALTBLUT is excited to premiere this intoxicating stream of distorted figures and spaced out jamming via five minutes of bliss. Enjoy the ride and maybe do so with the lights off.

Direction: Alfredo Pemjean
Production: Red Belmont
Post production: Joaquin Margulis Luchsinger
Actress: Emilia Lazo