Video Premiere: Teddy Jackson – BMB

London-based artist Teddy Jackson has just dropped his electrifying new single ‘BMB’, a high-octane anthem that exudes raw masculine energy and charismatic confidence. Reconnecting with his masculinity, Teddy weaves his powerful vocals through pulsating basslines and hard-hitting percussion, delivering a track that demands attention from start to finish.

With a deeper vocal range, Teddy dives into sexually charged lyrics, showcasing a more robust masculine vibe than his previous releases. “Reconnecting with my masculinity has been an incredible journey,” he explains. “Initially, I was eager to explore my femininity upon coming out, feeling alienated by toxic societal expectations of masculinity. However, unlearning these toxic beliefs has allowed me to embrace my masculine side as deeply as I had my feminine.”

The accompanying music video, marking Teddy’s directorial debut, is a sultry spectacle. Embracing the ‘sexy mechanic’ archetype, Teddy’s oiled, tattooed body and chains create a provocative image. He transforms the hyper-masculine mechanic garage into a playful, queer space. The video is packed with tongue-in-cheek gestures and vintage male model cutouts, culminating in a climactic homoerotic wrestling match.

‘BMB’ signals a pivotal moment in Teddy Jackson’s artistic evolution, solidifying his status as a dynamic force in the queer music scene and underscoring his creative prowess and vision.

Director: Teddy Jackson @teddyjackson_
Director Of Photography: Benjo Leggett @benjoleggett
Assistant Director: Fenton Dyer @fenton.dyer
Producer: Teddy Jackson @teddyjackson_
Art Director: Sonya Bleiph @bleiph
Movement Director: Pierre @movementbypierre
Production Manager: Emilia Clark @emilia_clark
Production Assistant: Genevieve Kent @genevieve_kent
Production Company: Wendyvision @wndyvsn
Makeup Artist: Raphael Arcadios @candy_puxe
1st AC: Arie Priede @asparagus_thief
2nd AC: Dante Chivalry @dante.chvlry
Camera Trainee: Monika Sak @monciahaha
Spark: Miria Albinyana
Spark: Louise Baisle @louise_bsle
Spark: Jadean Antwi @jxdean
Featured Extra: Joey Garratt @angelbabydelight
Photographer: Rae Tait @dead.deeds
Editor: André Rodrigues @andre_with_an_accent