Video Premiere: VALENTIN – Model

“I’m a model – and I look good!” – the words of the Berlin electro-pop singer and producer VALENTIN are definite and clear on her latest single “Model”, which she produced together with the producer axelle64.

The upbeat dance song “Model” is a breakup song of the sort: “Get up! Love yourself & look ahead!”. In those moments when we undersell ourselves, such as wanting to go back to our ex when he/she cheated on us badly – when she/he/they have lost hope of being treated well in relationships, VALENTIN reminds us that we all are special.

No matter how we look, the model attitude embodies strength, because feeling beautiful is the essential essence of beauty. And that really means everyone – because classic ideals of beauty should be a thing of the past. The new song at the beginning of the year conveys courage and self-confidence. Treat yourself like a supermodel and demand the same for yourself!

Model follows her EP “Wir Sind Kinder”, which she released a few months ago via Katermukke in collaboration with Dan Bay and Le Rubrique – with additional remixes by Niconé and Dirty Döring. Previously she toured at festivals like the Fusion or the Garbicz and released Groupie. In an educational campaign _remixed by MS, she also campaigned for a diverse lifestyle and community cohesion for those diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a disease she has been living with since she was 15.

Another collaboration release with Dan Bay and Le Rubrique with the downbeat label amselcom is coming up soon: “I like to dance” will be released on February 17th. Please contact me if you plan to report. For more information about VALENTIN, visit

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