VIRAGO by Celia Torres


Photographer Celia Torres Ciurana teamed up with Stylist Adriana Garcia to create this series. The photography assistant is Adriá Fabregat and the models are Silvia Gilabert and Jun Xu. VIRAGO represents the character and strength of the human.

“With this editorial we wanted to materialize the determination of every single one of us, facing the uncertainty of the time we’re living in without fear. 

We’ve chosen empty spaces and slightly futuristic styles to represent this idea, taking fashion to our emotional pace.”

Photography by Celia Torres Ciurana
Instagram: @celiat0rres
Photography assistant by Adriá Fabregat
Instagram: @adriafabregat
Model 1 is Silvia Gilabert
Instagram: @silviagilabert

Agency The Tribe Models
Instagram: @thetribemodels
Model 2 is Jun Xu
Instagram: @junxu20021120
Agency Isabel Navarro Models
Instagram: @isabel_navarro_models
Styling by Adriana Garcia
Instagram: @adrianagarciacardozo

Showroom Styling Gabriela Grajales and Sara Desing
Make up and hair by Paulina Castro and Adela Recio
Instagram: @Paulinacastroh @adelasmakeup