VIVAL VIRTUEZ by Mona Cordes

Introducing designer Mona Cordes and her collection and fashion film: VIVAL VIRTUEZ. Which is about the theme of the 7 deadly sins with a focus on Pride, Vainglory, Envy, Acedia and Wrath, as well as their resort/sibling looks. A Film – Jed Darlington-Robert. Directed by Laura Manners. MUA by Sophie Gouk + Juan Moreno. Hair by Monsterhouse London. Music by Will Jennings.

Designer, Stylist, Photographer – Instagram @mona_cordes_ x @mona_co_photos – website
DOP / Film – Jed Darlington-Robert’s – Instagram @jed_dr – website
Director, film editor – Laura Manners – Instagram @lauramannersphotography website
MUA – Sophie Gouk Instagram @mackerelmonday + Juan Moreno Instagram @__amphibian
Hair – Monsterhouse London Instagram @monsterhouselondon
Music by Will Jennings – Instagram @beatnikbreakfast

Talents / Models ~

Charlie – Instagram @charlie.bark (Acedia, Acedia sib)
Luko – Instagram @lxkozade (Wrath, Pride) @giordanofabriano (Pride, Pride sib)
Yiling – Instagram @system.slave (Vainglory) @princess_moona (Vainglory sib)
Gina – Instagram @jawjeener (Envy, Envy sun)
Andre – Instagram @___kamienski__________ (Wrath, Wrath sibling)

Mona Cordes @mona_cordes_ x @mona_co_photos – website
Brands collaborated with Knitwear design collaborations – with Yael Simon – @yael.simon + Veronika Persche @veronika_persche – Website

Graphical collage edits
Eleni Maria Papachristodoulou @papa_whatever
Pride red one Courtney McMahon @courtwho