WASSER by Christian David Aragón

A KALTBLUT exclusive. ‘’Wasser’’ is the second part of ELEMENTE the new editorial series Christian Aragón from Cali, Colombia had produced exclusively for KALTBLUT MAGAZINE.

With all the energy and great art of an awesome team in Berlin, Germany. Fernando Mado as Visual Fx & Fashion Stylist, Mariana Hoyos in the art direction and set design and the spectacular posing and acting of Larissa, they show one more time that art and love are all we need to always go forward no matter what is going on in this world that’s the best armour to save ourselves.

ELEMENTE is just the story of the human-made in photography full of art, in this part, we can see the water, there are many philosophies and myths telling humans come from a water species and maybe it makes sense if we go back millions years ago when our mother earth was full of water and only one land.

So, if you want to know more about this, keep coming to see more of this series.

Production, Photography & Edition by Christian David Aragón @chrisaragonart
Makeup, Art Fashion & Styling by Fernando Mado @ferchomado
Set Desing & Art Direction by Mariana Hoyos @guettoqueen
Model & Actress by Larissa @fox.and.lionheart