Welcome to DeusLand

A KALTBLUT exclusive. Italian photographer Cristian Lorenzoni collaborated with the talented designer Andrea Grossi. The main concept was celebrating Andrea’s graduation collection, creating a new vision of reality. Models are Park Jae Yeon and Carlos Valencia.

The project “Welcome to DeusLand” is a collection that talks about a future society and the future of human being. In which direction is mankind going? What are your next goals?
Through these points I wanted to tackle the issue of “social sustainability” that can bring to light rhe problems of the 21st century, taking notice of what we are and where we are coming from.

Through an artwork I notice and describe the “Occident’s Chaos” with parallelism between Nazism and church, ideologies that have led the populations for a long time in wrong way. What is our ideology today? I tried to combine technology and craftmanship, thanks to the support of leather goods companies located in Tuscany and Umbria, which have put their tradition and quality at my disposal, that i have combined with techniques such as laser cutting, embossing, bonding to create modern and innovative manipulation.

In addition to leather, I chose to rely on Isko, one of the best in the denim sector, that providing me with one of the most innovative denim on the market, the alternative fiber created by Tencel company, the denim fiber with the lowest impact on the enviroment.”

Photography Cristian Lorenzoni @azazel.cl
Fashion Andrea Grossi @fakemaycry
Makeup artist Gladys Calì @gladyscalimua
Assistant Lavinia Feliziani @laviniafelizia


Park Jae Yeon @jaeyomida Wonderwall management @ww_mgmt
Carlos Valencia Jr. @crs.vnc The Lab Models @thelabmodels

All clothes are from Andrea Grossi graduation Collection