White Apathia Project

White Apathia is the reflection on the topic of apathy and transmission of the state it awakes through the image. Art direction & Production by Lada Gronskaia, Varvara Uporova, Elizaveta Boychenko, and Louisa Pak. Photography by Phan Vo. Models are Tobi Oloko and Theo Lobry. Makeup & Hair by Laura Rodrigues. A KALTBLUT exclusive.

Art direction & Production by Lada Gronskaia / Instagram: @superclassgrons / Varvara Uporova / Instagram: @varya_0603 / Elizaveta Boychenko / Instagram: @e_liza_vettaa / Louisa Pak / Instagram: @louisepakk
Photography by Phan Vo / Instagram: @phan_vo
Styling by Elizaveta Boychenko / Instagram: @e_liza_vettaa
Styling assistant by / Annette Santaso / Instagram: @annettedls
Models are Tobi Oloko / Instagram: @tobi_oloko / at Fever Management / Instagram: @fever_mgmt / and Theo Lobry / Instagram: @theolobry /
at Urbn Management / Instagram: @urbnmilan
Make up & Hair by Laura Rodrigues / Instagram: @makeupbylau.mua
Gaffer is Leo Alves / Instagram: @leopomchips

Brands used are:

Eduardo Esteves @eduardoestevescreative / Cos @cosstores