Who Lets The Dogs Now

A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Dmitry Komissarenko. Models are Kirill Makhankov and Vlad Kirkelan, Vladimir Rogachov, Igor Skok. All leather masks by Bob Basset. Previously Ukrainian photographer Dmitry Komissarenko presented the series of photographs The M: Man in the Mask with the support of studio Bob Basset. This time he tells us another story Who Lets The Dogs Now. The dogs in this series – is in fact the first reaction of people looking at these pictures. Astonishment, embarrassment, indignation or any other, mostly negative, emotion that post-soviet society can respond because it is still far from personal freedom idea that is basic for human being.

Photography by Dmitry Komissarenko / komissarenko.com.ua / tumblr diary themphotodiary.tumblr.com / instagram: @dmitrykomissarenko
Models: Kirill Makhankov Instagram: @kirillmakhankov
Vlad Kirkelan Instagram: @kirkelan
Vladimir Rogachov Instagram: @boyzzzzzboy
Igor Skok Facebook: facebook.com/igor.skok.77
and others

Art leather masks: Bob Basset