Woman Crying In Blue/Yellow Tears

“We show solidarity with Ukraine by creating photographs that reflect the inner strength and dedication to the homeland which don‘t give in to pain. Even at a time when the world seems to be stopping, the invincible spirit does not stop fighting and only begins to burn even more. Strength and vocation do not need to be found anywhere else. Everything is already in you. Stay strong, Ukraine.

Together with the creative team from Lithuania, we decided to express our support for Ukraine in a way that best reflects our work fields. We encourage other artists around the world to spread the message about the war and to show solidarity.

*The props chosen to create the photos are not the accessories and clothing used in reality. It’s all part of the style to enhance the message.” * MIKITA @mikitastudio

Pictures – MIKITA @mikitastudio
Model – Agne Konciute @agnekonciute
Makeup – Arturas Numsedis @arturasnumsedis
Style – Simona Senkauskaite @simonase
Accessories – Laura Antique Jewellery @laura_antique_jewellery