World of Trash Treasures

Berlin’s fashion scene is synonymous with creativity, innovation, and progressive ideals, which designer Jana Heinemann embodies. As the visionary Founder and Designer of Impari, Jana has breathed life into a brand that transcends traditional fashion boundaries, championing social sustainability and zero-waste innovation. A KALTBLUT exclusive editorial. Photography by Martin Passuth. The models are Sebit, Jazz, Tom, Ingo Harney and Abike Mariam.

A Heartfelt Commitment

Impari is not just another fashion label; it’s a movement. Their passion for social sustainability is evident in their initiatives, such as an educational program in Ghana that empowers local communities. They utilize 100% recycled PET materials and ensure that all offcuts from their collections are repurposed, leaving no thread wasted.

Impari: Beyond Fashion – Crafting a Sustainable Future

Their latest collection, “Feed Me Not,” debuted at Berlin Fashion Week for Fall/Winter 2024/25, and has captivated audiences, earning praise for its cutting-edge designs and unwavering commitment to sustainability.

World of Trash Treasures

For their next venture, Impari proposes an editorial feature titled “World of Trash Treasures” for consideration in KALTBLUT Magazine. This conceptual series delves into the transformative potential of plastic waste, revealing how these materials can be converted into breathtaking artistic artefacts that harmonize sustainability with artistry.

Each photograph has been meticulously crafted to narrate a compelling story and to draw viewers into a world where the old and discarded find new life and meaning. In a world contending with the daunting challenge of plastic waste, “World of Trash Treasures” provides a hopeful perspective, showcasing flowers blossoming from refuse and transparent dwellings that suggest a surreal yet hopeful future.

As Impari continues to challenge and redefine the fashion landscape, they invite you to join them on this journey of innovation and sustainability. Through “World of Trash Treasures,” they offer a captivating narrative that celebrates fashion and inspires a future where creativity and responsibility coexist seamlessly.

Brand: Impari @impari_moda
Designer: Jana Heinemann @jana_ms.impari
Photographer: Martin Passuth @brateone
Photo-Assistant: Jamie Lueders @jamielueders
Design Team: Paula Rischbeck @ri.pi_design_
and Robert Laue
Head of Light: Ian Kiplimo @iankiplimo
Hair and Make-up: Jasmin Arnold @jasminarnold_
and Anastasiia Boukli @alv_mua
Hair: Lynn Marie @bylynnmarie
Senior Assistants: Marlene Claessens @leneonread
and Nélio Lenz @nelio.lnz

Models: Sebit @sebitj
Jazz @vagabond.jazz
Tom @tom_sfrt_
Ingo Harney @ingogagu
Abike Mariam @abikemariamx