XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2024

XIMONLEE, the celebrated label known for its alluring blend of Shanghai and Berlin influences, has given birth to another masterpiece. As a label that utilises the concepts of duality and juxtaposition, XIMONLEE’s new collection represents the perfect amalgamation of recklessness and elegance.


Presented at Paris Fashion Week, XIMONLEE’s new collection breaks down traditional evening attire and explores eclectic inspirations ranging from Marienbad’s superb formality to the iconic street styles of Metropolis. The result is an experimental wardrobe that caters to all gender identities.

Tank tops, hoodies, and other casual pieces imbued with classical drapery, tailored shoulders, and layered mesh from formal dress languages are among the highlights of the collection. The collection also features outerwear that incorporates XIMONLEE’s brand signatures on coats and jackets, such as the chain-lock design, oversized lapel, and handcrafted crease effect.

Expanding their vision on women’s wear this season, XIMONLEE’s new collection provides effortless yet unorthodox interpretations of classical Grecian femininity, with a focus on light, simplistic pieces. The assortment offers a range of skirt lengths, from structured pencil skirts to lightweight maxi skirts, and deconstructed gowns.

In keeping with its vision of exploring gender-neutral characteristics, the new XIMONLEE collection marks the merging of masculine and feminine images within the brand’s discreet yet edged aesthetic.

The XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2024 collection will be formally presented on a dining cruise boat on the Seine, a unique and intimate setup that promises to be a theatrical experience and showcase cutting-edge current fashion trends.