ZERO10 Digital Fashion App Launch

Blending industry leading fashion creatives with the latest AR technologies for content creation, ZER10 opens a new, affordable way for self-expression for the digital generation and creates an eco-system for brands to engage with existing and new customers in unique and pioneering ways.

The application is released with a Launch pack collection consisting of 5 emerging, bright and progressive designers from around the world: KSENIASCHNAIDER, ZNY, AV Vattev, Florentina Leitner and TTSWTRS. The pack includes 11 digital garments free of charge, suitable for any gender and size.

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It’s free to download so give it a try if you get a chance.

ZERO10 is an iOS app fusing 3D body tracking, cloth simulation and body segmentation technology, allowing users to purchase, wear, and collect digital garments from brands, to create sharable photo and video content and build up their own virtual screenwear wardrobe.

What sets ZERO10 apart in this space, is that all digital collections are produced in collaboration with brands and released through the app as part of an ongoing drop calendar. New drops will appear twice monthly in collaboration with emerging, contemporary, and international designers, making their designs available in the virtual realm for the first time, at affordable prices from $1-$20 and sometimes offering special edition items to ZERO10 users for free.

ZERO10 launches with an initial offering of product from a curated blend of contemporary designer. The launch includes 12 genderless digital items free of charge across a variety of product categories to users.

With a focus on fabric behaviour, ZERO10 is at the forefront of the digital fashion space, achieving the most accurate digital representation of physical clothes to deliver the best near-physical experience while trying on and wearing digital items. Advanced 3D body tracking and segmentation make it possible to perfectly fit virtual garments on a human body in real time, while cloth simulation and rendering technologies create materials which look and move realistically.