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Tim Kruger!

The X-Insider!

Tim Kruger is Germany´s gay pornstar number #1. He is not only gifted with a hot face and the ginger hair. No, he is famous for his big XXL cock and his movies. Yeah Tim is a mans dream. He is very successful with his own label and webpage Timtales.com - But he is so much more then just another pornstar .. I know him since I have moved to Berlin 10 years ago. It was my pleasure to interview Tim for you! 


The interview is part of our Collection 1

KALTBLUT: Hey Tim. The issue’s theme is: Nude and it seems very appropriate to have an interview with one of the most famous pornstars of today. How did you become a Pornstar? And why?

TIM: I did it just because  I was curious and somewhat fascinated me about porn. All started when I was working at a gay porn store and had all these porn videos, books and posters around me all day. I think I watched almost every porn movie available during that time and after a while I thought: “ Ok Tim you may not have muscles like the guys in the movies but at least you´re cock is bigger than most of the guys cocks so why not give it a try.”

Said and done, I sent an email to a few US porn companies and after just a few days almost all had replied, including Raging Stallion Studios, one of the biggest US gay porn companies.

They invited me over, and my first pornshoot was scheduled.


KALTBLUT: You have worked for many studios. In the USA a lot as well. What are the differences between European and American productions?

TIM: Some american porn sets look almost like they wanna shoot a hollywood movie with much more equipment and people around you than the european companies. The shoots are very long , sometimes you have to work all day till the scene is done. And work means in my case having a hard-on for hours  and do sex in positions you´ve probably never read even in the kamasutra.

European porn is in most cases a bit more low key but I  also know some european companies who need not shy away from comparisons to american studios.

KALTBLUT: Do you have a favourite film partner? If so, then who? Why?

TIM: There are just too many sexy and hot guys out there who I would like to shoot with. But sexy in my eyes not always mean muscled. It´s the whole package, attitude, smell that is important to me.

KALTBLUT: A few years ago you launched your own label “Timtales.com”. How did it come to this? What’s the story behind “Timtales”?

TIM: First I put some very short private fucking vids of me online on some gayeties and I got so much clicks and attentions from that vids that I started to dream about my own website. I wanted to show the people real, non scripted sex, wanted to show them what´s happening in my bedroom. Just the idea of it turned me on so much that I did everything to made this dream come true. It was a very long and not always easy way till Timtales became true but now I ´m very proud of what i have reached so far.

KALTBLUT: You have gained world fame and you work for the sex-industry. And we both know it’s not an easy job. How much of the real Tim is to be seen in the films? Or is it always pure horniness that we see? Is it sometimes acting?

TIM: What you see on Timtales.com is the real me, I like having sex and like to show that on my website. We do not have a script or anything like that. It´s pretty much that what  I do when I meet guys without camera. Some people want me to be more verbal while I fuck but that wouldn´t be me and I think you would feel it if I just pretend something  I ´m not into. And as I am my own boss I can always rescedule a shoot if I ´m not horny or I don´t feel well.

KALTBLUT: Do you do Live-Shows also? I have always had trouble having live sex in front of people.

TIM: Believe it or not but I ´m a very shy person so I never did any live shows and I don´t think I could ever do it. Having sex and keeping a hard on when hundreds of people staring at you isn´t that easy.

If the people wanna see me fuck they can watch me online or on dvd or when they´re lucky they will meet me in a dark corner of a club and can see me having live sex!

KALTBLUT: Are you single? Or do you have a boyfriend? How does he get along with your job?

TIM: Maybe a bit disillusioning for some of my fans but I have a boyfriend for many years. First he wash´t that happy with me wanting to do porn but then he said I should give it a try if it is something I wanna do. And now he is totally fine with it and without him Timtales could not exist because he is supporting me a lot and he is the one who does much of that work you don´t see in the my videos like editing all the stuff etc. But he even appeared in a few videos on my website too.

KALTBLUT: When you look through pornfilms, on DVD or online, you can see that 70% is bareback. And the guys having unsafe sex on camera keep getting younger. Personally, I don’t think this is a good thing. What do you think?

TIM: I think bareback sex in general isn´t that problem but I do have a problem with bareback movies with mostly very young’s guys who don´t know what they´re doing or just do it for the money. But if two adults, who fuck bareback in their private life and its their own will to have sex without condom in front of camera too, its totally ok for me.

KALTBLUT: I’ve always been annoyed when I was being reduced to my body and sex. How do you handle it, when men view you only as a hot pornstar? Nothing but that?

TIM: It is what it is, Porn and its totally understandable that people use you as a projection screen of what they dream about in their sexlife and most of the time reduce me to my cock because it´s only my sexual side that they see in my videos.

My friends who know me since years and everyone who is interested in my personality can discover that I´m not just a soulless body with a huge cock between my legs.

KALTBLUT: Have you ever regretted this step?

TIM: No I did never regret the decision starting it. Porn made things possible for me I always dreamed about. I travel a lot , meet a lot of great guys (sometimes not so great guys too, that´s normal) , my sex life is absolutely fulfilled and I can live from what i do.

KALTBLUT: Does your family know what you do? If this is the case, how do they deal with it?

TIM: My family knows what I ´m doing but I´m pretty sure they´re not interested to see any of my movies. I showed them some cover, calendar etc and the´re happy that I can do what I want to do and that I love my job and even can live from it.

KALTBLUT: I have always received fun fan-mails and letters. What was your funniest fan-experience?

TIM: It´s always nice and special when I  meet fans or they send me mails, cute presents or gifts and i would lie if I said I ´m not liking it. I love getting feedback from guys and if its positive feedback I like it even more. I travel a lot and it´s astonishing to see that almost in every part of the world there are guys who know you and who like you.

KALTBLUT: What’s Tim Kruger up to when not filming? Where are you to be found?

TIM: When I´m not shooting I try to spend as much time with my friends, not always that easy because all the stuff we´re shooting has to be edited and there is so much to organize . My boyfriend helps me a lot and without him all that would´t be possible . So in my private time I have to take care of my boy too and keep him entertained. Beside that I like to go out to the bars and clubs of the cities I currently live in or visit and that´s mostly Berlin right now.

KALTBLUT: What can we expect from you in 2012? What kind of new projects are you planning?

TIM: We get a lot of mails and requests about Timtales Dvd´s and Blu Rays so we decided to release a few videos in 2012 . There is also a Tim Kruger Dildo in the works and I just started Dj-ing a bit. Since quite a few people asked me if I would do live sex shows or gogo dancing (which I don´t do), i thought it could be nice to spin some music in their clubs instead so I learned to use my DJ equipment. My boyfriend says it sounds good already.

So, in 2012 there could be DJ Tim Kruger on some party lineups!! 

Interview by Marcel Schlutt
Photos by Jürgen Rokitta
Layout by Nicolas Simoneau 

Contact: www.timtales.com / twitter.com/TimKrugerXXX

Tim @Facebook


3 Responses to “Tim Kruger!”

  1. Good info! Keep it comin’…

  2. Troy says:

    Should have asked him when he will bottom, but you didn’t.

  3. Rafael says:

    A really horny, handsome and well endowed guy, but for those who are from outside Europe or the US would’ve been useful more info about Tim, that is hard to find at the www. For example, age, height, tool’s size (very important!) and other data, zum beispiel, how was his first time, when, etc… Interesting interview anyway and good photographs…well, with this model impossible take bad ones! Greetings!

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