A Unique Apparel Language – Lisa Förster

KALTBLUT presents Lisa Förster. A German fashion and knitwear designer. She currently graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem and presented her final MA collection “Wardobe One” during #ParisFashionWeek at the Atelier Néerlandais. Design and styling by Lisa Förster. Photography by Armour + Riani. Model is Anne signed at MD Management Hamburg. Shoe Design by Suzanne Oude Hengel.


What if your garment remembers the first movement you have made in it, the first moment the garment embraced your body?

“Being trained as a ballet dancer for many years, I am implementing the personal experiences and interests in performance art. This collection is about the exclusive relationship the body enters with clothes. It is about an intimate exchange that only you can have – a secret confidential moment you will forever own. You may find a secret knitted waistband inside your pants that extends into a transparent knit detail. Such subtle elements increase the wearing comfort and add a functional layer to the piece.  It is you wearing the garment that reinvents the story of my collection. In my work I combine hand-finished manufacturing with the conception of urban active wear. Striped knitwear details worn as accessories, allow cross-combinations amongst the entire collection. Another chance to develop your own personal relationship to your wardrobe, which with time, will help you to design your very own unique apparel language.” Lisa Förster.

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Design & Styling by Lisa Förster / lisa-foerster.com/ Instagram: @lisa_foerster

Photography by Armour + Riani / armourplusriani.co/ Instagram: @armourplusriani

Model is Anne signed at MD Management Hamburg / Instagram: @annebaardman

Shoe Design by Suzanne Oude Hengel /  suzanneoudehengel.com/ Instagram: @suzanne.oudehengel

Location: The Pelican Studio / thepelicanstudio.com / Instagram: @thepelicanstudio

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