Anka Büchler: The amorous play of the Wolpertinger

Anka Büchler creates one of the most funny-cute-arousal illustration series I have seen so far. Behind the title “The Amourous Play of the Wolpertinger”, Anka shows us the amorous play of the mythical creature.

wolpertinger2_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger3_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger4_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger5_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger6_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger7_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini

“It flits through the Bavarian Forest by night, this shy species. Only very rarely someone gets a glimpse of the Wolpertinger, anyway this mythical creature is known by every child in southern Germany. Probably in the 19th Century taxidermists put preparations of body parts of different species together and sold the resulting Hybrids to astonished tourists. The birth of these unusual creatures should be about 200 years ago and have started with the great “love” between a rabbbit and a buck. Based on this love story Anka Büchler created in the last 3 years colored collages, drawings and a limited series of monocrome silkscreen prints. Delicate in every way are the new creatures, their skin, their facial expressions, their gesture and their amorous play. ”

wolpertinger8_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger9_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger10_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger11_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger12_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini wolpertinger13_ankabuechler_kaltblut_mini