ARMEDANGELS – Time for change – let’s put an end to Fast Fashion

#JoinTheFashionRevolution! It´s April 24th 2016 and Fashion Revolution Day. Time to think about how to to raise awareness for an industry that needs revolutionary change. That´s why Fair Fashion label ARMEDANGELS launched the video “ARMEDANGELS – JOIN THE FASHION REVOLUTION” today. 


Do you remember? April 24th, 2013 – when the world of fashion stood still for a couple of seconds?
More than 1135 workers were killed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. When a poorly built textile factory collapsed. Do you have the feeling something has changed since then? Right! Nothing has changed. Now! It is time to put an end to Fast Fashion! Let´s make it work all together!

Fashion Revolution Day was initiated to raise awareness for the true cost of fashion and the inhumane conditions in textile factories for the workers. Mark April 24th in your calendar to support this cause and join the Fashion Revolution movement!

We made this video to show that it’s never too late for change. Good things can still happen. You just have to start somewhere – When we founded the company in 2007, our main goal was to sell t-shirts and donate money to different charity projects. We realized then how the fashion industry works nowadays and decided to change the game to really make a difference.

says Martin, CEO of ARMEDANGELS


Fashion Revolution is a global movement that runs all year, celebrating fashion as a postitive influence, raising awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues, showing that change is possible and celebration those who are on a journey to create a more ethical and sustainable future for fashion.


Official about ARMEDANGELS: In January 2007 two young guys from Cologne decided to change the world of fashion. Led by their love for beautiful products and shocked by the conditions in the textile industry, they wanted to show the big players that it can be done better. No wage slavery, no chemical madness, no cheap mass production. Instead, they started to make beautiful, organic and fair clothes. ARMEDANGELS was born. Today, with a team of 50 and four collections every year the Fairtrade- and GOTS-certified label is one of the leading Fair Fashion companies in Germany.